Get caught up on the latest odds, stakes, plus my analysis and predictions for the midterm election coming up in now less than a week.
Banning all Russian and Belarusian players is a moral wrong and sets a dangerous precedent about political behavior going forward.
The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has been pursuing a hostile takeover of Twitter in recent weeks, and the deal is set to finally go through this afternoon.
The conservative SCOTUS majority seems tilted towards overturning Roe v. Wade which is set to cause massive waves throughout state and national politics
The Elite class is now advocating for mask mandates for the vaccinated, a decision not based in science or data and one that will surely lead to more…
The New York City Mayoral election is coming up this Tuesday, June 22nd and its winner could take a prominent role in leading the party forward.
How the "For the People Act" and push to abolish the filibuster showcase the backslide of American democratic norms
For months mainstream media outlets have framed the lab leak theory as debunked and anti-science. Suddenly they have changed face and have begun to…
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